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  • Alternative Pursuit

    The most difficult aspect of pursuing Jesus is pursuing Jesus. Think about that for a moment. The most difficult aspect of pursuing Jesus until the day we hit our ending point in life is to actually pursue Jesus. 


    You took hold of Christ once you discovered the love and grace of God found in him, but before you ever thought to take hold of Christ, he took hold of you. He set his heart on being your Rescuer and providing you with an eternal life with him. 

  • Knowing Christ

    As we begin to grasp more and more the infinite value of Christ for our lives, our desires are naturally and rightly transformed to unlock in our lives the fullness of life that he offers. And this necessitates a new way of living. So what does that look like for us? What becomes the new framework for how we live in light of gaining Christ and his righteousness for our lives? 

  • Garbage And Gains

    life is short and we get one shot at it. There are no do-overs. No mulligans for the days we are allotted. You don’t want to get to the end of your life and still be empty and unfulfilled even though you gained all the things you thought would give you life. Over the next four weeks, we’re going to see what matters most in life and how you go after it so that you win what truly matters. 

  • unlimited reach of the gospel

    World Outreach Sunday with missionary partner, Jim Jarman preaching from Luke 19:1-10

  • Faith Like Abraham

    Abraham's faith delights God's heart and is set forth as the model for our relationship with God today. We want to see the internal workings of faith— and ask the text what exactly is the anatomy of faith? We’ll discover that there are three clear parts to the anatomy of faith that delight God's heart. 

  • Righteousness Is By Faith Alone

    In the darkness of the bad news comes the light of the gospel. The righteousness we cannot earn by grit has been given to us by grace. Jesus is our propitiation sacrifice—the gift that turns away the wrath of God toward us and reconciles our relationship with God. How do we gain this gifted righteousness from Jesus for us?

  • Venmoed Righteousness

    Paul briefly pauses in this letter to the Romans to answer some of the questions and objections he anticipates they might have. And that’s where we re-enter back into this letter, Romans 3:1.

  • The Scars Tell A Story

    Jesus’ scars tell a story of his wounds but also of his victory over sin and death. This is a victory that he shares with us to bring healing to the wounds in our lives, most significantly the deep wounding of sin.

  • Self-Righteousness is Disastrous Living

    Paul makes a shift in who he is declaring desperately needs the gospel because they have stored up for themselves the wrath of God. He now turns his aim from people “out there” to those “in here” within the church. Now Paul isn’t about to go after everyone in the church here in chapter two. There is a particular person who he wants to speak directly to who has been around the gospel but has failed to properly understand and receive it. 

  • Suppressing God is Disastrous Living

    Good news becomes particularly good news if the backdrop is some bad news. No one can fully appreciate gospel if they don’t understand the danger which they face. Paul wastes no time in explaining why the gospel is a universally desperate need

  • The Gospel is Powerful

    Christ did not die simply so that we might be saved from an evil conscience or even to remove the stain of our past failure, but to “clear the decks” for divine action in our hearts. For transformation to happen. The Gospel drives us into a new life with Christ. It fills us with purpose. It transforms us. When we allow something to transform us, It changes how we live, work, and raise our kids. The Gospel becomes our way of life.

  • The Gospel & Calling

    There is an apparent brokenness in humanity. We see it in our world. We see it in ourselves. The good news is that God cares and has done something to fix all that is broken. This good news is captured in the gospel, and Romans is the clearest, most in-depth explanation of the gospel in all Scripture. Through this letter, we see how the power that resurrected Jesus enters our lives by faith to reconcile our relationship with God, set us free from dead-end ways of living, and heal the broken parts of us.


    How we experience the Word of God at work in us in a way that truly brings its transformative power, life, and light into our lives. The answer lies in how we choose to receive and interact with God’s Word. 


    You can be confident that the entire Bible is God's Word for three reasons: Jesus’ view of Scripture, fulfilled prophecy, and accurate transmission.  


    God's Word is creatively powerful, life-giving, and illuminating. If you’re skeptical, I understand where you’re coming from, but I want to ask if you would suspend your disbelief and follow along with us as we consider what God’s Word can and has accomplished in people's lives. Together, we'll experience the Bible as more than words on a page.

  • Strong & Courageous

    As we go through changes, there is a significant transition in the Bible that brings a lot of clarity about how I believe God wants us to go through seasons of transition.

  • How God Replenishes Us

    In less than a day, Elijah went from boldness and great victory to fear and running for his life! What we’re going to see is how this drained Elijah’s emotional tank. He had no reserves left to deal with the setback in his life. Have you had that experience? 

  • Necessary Change

    We’re in a message series called “Flourish”. We want to flourish and be healthy in our relationships, including our relationship with God. We want to pursue happiness to live with a purpose. This series is based on 1 Kings, where we learn how God was moving in Israel to bring necessary change. 

  • faithful messengers

    We all want to flourish – we all seek joy, love, wholeness, and fullness in Christ. But we all struggle to flourish. This is because we live in a world that has forsaken God, a world in which there is a real spiritual battle. Your time, energy, and thoughts will be pulled in a million directions. So how do we remain faithful in a world that has forsaken God?

  • Death for Life

    Our sin is our agreement with Satan’s insurrection that we deserve to be God. We are always reaching to be god. And yet, God gives grace again and again...

    How would humanity respond to the fallout of their decision to follow their desires at the cost of obedience to God? Would the smarting wound of God’s distance, the loss of the garden, and the frustration of everything from producing crops to carrying on a relationship with one another be enough to turn people's hearts away from self-rule and back to God? 

  • The Fractured Kingdom  

    "The Best Gift: Why Jesus Is Exactly What We Need.” This new series helps us to be biblically and doctrinally grounded in the story of redemption. But we also want to come away with the wonder of Mother Mary – who treasured up the wonder of her baby son, Jesus Christ. Our aim for this Advent is to treasure Jesus, to explore the story behind the gift, the story that deepens our appreciation for Jesus being the best gift ever.

  • The Lampstand of Christ  

    The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.  Revelation 1:20

  • The church is the Bride

    The good news is that understanding yourself as the bride of Christ doesn’t involve wearing anything feminine, and it doesn’t imply a romantic relationship with Jesus. God is calling out specific aspects of being a bride that enable us to understand our relationship with Christ, not those. And they are relationship dynamics that all of us in the church, even us guys, can also get behind. 

  • the family of god

    Because we fail to realize that, even though Christians can sin and mess up, the church is still “the family of God”. Just as no family is perfect; neither is any local church perfect. But many people have true dislike for the church. That needs to change. 

  • the Body of Christ

    When we utilize our gifts for the sole purpose of bringing honor and glory to Jesus, the body of Christ grows.

  • The Church is God’s Temple

    Church is more than a service or social group to attend. God has a vision for his church that calls us into something bigger than ourselves and works out his purposes in our lives.

  • Making Disciples

    Where does Jesus start when he calls his disciples to take up the mission of making disciples?


    This is Malachi’s message to us, as well. It seems that every generation and every individual is prone to wander from God. In your heart, you know this is true. And we certainly can see the shift away from God in our culture. How can God be so patient with us? With me? And, are we ever grateful for God’s patience? 

  • Your Wealth Matters to God

    While centuries separate us from the recipients of Malachi’s message from God, the questions the people had for God continue to be some of the big questions that we’re also asking of him today:

    • Do you really love us and is obedience worth it if we’re not clearly being blessed by you in return?

    • If sin is so bad where is God’s judgment on sin?

    • How can God say he is just when we’re surrounded by injustice?

  • Your Moral Choices Matter to God

    Malachi helps us to see the danger when we become apathetic or disillusioned with God and his ways. We also hear God’s wake-up call to live lives that worship God in every aspect. 

  • Your Marriage Matters to God

    Malachi issues to us a wake-up call about marriage. God calls us to faithfulness in all our relationships; especially marriage. Faithfulness in marriage comes from our delight in and worship of God. 

  • Your Worship Matters to God

    Malachi is a book that allows us to see what God has to say to his people when they become apathetic or disillusioned with him and his ways. In God’s wake-up call for his people, we see the heart of God and how worship comes from all aspects of our lives.

  • The Generous Landowner

    When I think about this parable, I am reminded of the many times Jesus could have asked me this same question. “Rick, are you envious because I am generous?” Jesus’ parable is designed so that we’ll stop long enough to think clearly about our response to God’s generosity.

    To do that, let’s look again at the parable.


    We’re in a series where we are looking at five parables of Jesus over 5 weeks. These stories from Jesus are designed to challenge his listeners to think differently about themselves, God, or life.

    This parable falls within the social norms-breaking interaction Jesus has with a woman during a dinner party. 

  • the rich man & lazarus

    Jesus told about the lives of two men who had a complete reversal of experiences once they died and entered the afterlife. And in this story is a warning to religious people on how they choose to live their lives and clarity about how to evaluate a life lived wisely. 

  • The rich fool

    Jesus is a genius. When it came to responding to confrontational questions in front of a crowd or even urgent, personal questions, no one but Jesus could instantly create and deliver a parable. With the parables, Jesus helps people capture God’s perspective for their lives. 

  • Opening Doors for the Gospel

    I want to share with you Four pushes to open the door that helps unbelievers to meet Jesus. The text is Paul’s attempt to remove invisible barriers that prevent the gospel from flowing like a mighty river. We, too, may be subject to the same issue – unable to see what’s holding us back. 

  • Becoming an Influencer for Christ

    That early movement of people who met, knew, and followed Jesus is the backdrop for today’s text. We’ve been going through a Bible book called Colossians. In this letter that the apostle Paul writes to the Colossians, we learn that there were false teachers that were drawing people away from faith in Jesus. But the apostle Paul simply points them back to Jesus – the most amazing Person in the universe – and tells them to keep trusting in Jesus. 

  • Transformed Daily Relationships

    This passage encourages us to align our attitudes and actions with the character of Christ, resulting in healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


    In this section of Colossians, Paul shifts to walking us through what is the necessary ripple effect that takes place in our lives if we allow the truth that the fullness of life is found in Christ alone to land in our lives. When the gospel gets tipped over in our lives, it calls for this whole chain reaction of dominos to fall for how we live our everyday lives. 

  • Two Truths to Overcome False Teaching

    Colossians 2:16-23, is a difficult passage to interpret exactly because we don’t fully understand the situation that Paul was writing about. But we certainly can understand the basics of what the apostle Paul teaches us. This passage is the specific explanation of what he said back in Col 2:8


    The tension that Paul addresses in this letter with the church in Colossae is the sufficiency of Christ alone to bring them to fullness or completeness. This is a completeness of life in its whole. Not just life for now but life forever.

    So he’s answering the question, “Is Christ enough?” This question is as relevant for us today as it was for them. Is Christ enough? Is faith in Jesus enough for everything we need to experience life now for eternity or do we need to do more to gain that life?

  • Becoming Fully Mature in Christ

    When you were born again by God’s grace, God wants you to grow up – to become mature in Christ. 

    Spiritual growth happens when we are part of a church family encouraging one another in faith; when we’re in God’s Word; when we serve; when we share the gospel.

  • Exulting in the Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ

    Our search for “enough” also makes us vulnerable to people that will prey upon our desire for more. Among these, in our time, are prosperity gospel preachers. Their message is that if you have enough faith, God will heal you – or – God will bless you with the riches you desire.

    Their tactic is to take what the world says is “enough” “more” or “fullness” and wrap it in what sounds like biblical preaching. Don’t be fooled by them.

    The Colossians faced the challenge of similar voices

  • How to Know the Gospel Has Come to You

    Colossians really matters for us today. We are all prone to seek after something more than Christ; or, to try to fill the gaps of our inadequacies so that we become acceptable to God by trusting in our good works. So, Paul writes this letter to call us to stay true to Christ. In Christ we find true fullness. And, as you read it, you’ll see words throughout the letter like “fullness” or to be “filled”. It is critical to your faith in Christ that you find your fullness in Christ

  • Consider Jesus

    Think about the way Jesus lived and loved. What stands out to you about His life? How could that affect the way you live your life?

  • How to Overcome Feeling Forsaken

    Most people who believe in Jesus that face a sudden crisis or a real loss are probably going to ask, “Why would a loving God allow this bad thing to happen?” We all want to make sense of the bad stuff. But one thing that I want us all to remember is that Even Jesus experienced bad things.


    Have you ever wondered Why do science and the Bible conflict with each other? You hear some say, “God created the world in 7 days.” Others say, “But what about the big bang? What about evolution?” This conversation has led to doubt in many people. 

  • Do You Know Who Are You?

    As we talk about rebuilding faith, what is to be done when you’re walking in circles spiritually? When you’re discouraged? When you look back over your life and you see how much you grew at first when you said Yes to Jesus and gave your life to him but then things stalled out at a certain point. God is not done with you yet.

  • When Christians Let You Down

    If you've ever been confused and maybe hurt, disappointed or disillusioned by Christians that don't live like Jesus, you're not alone. 

  • reconstruct faith

    In a time when it has become quite popular for people to "deconstruct faith", we need to encourage one another to build faith even as we struggle with questions and doubts. I hope you'll join us as we talk about how to reconstruct your faith with key architectural principles.

  • The Time Is Near

    “the time is near.” John uses this phrase twice in the book: first, in the prologue and second, here in the epilogue. John begins and ends the Revelation of Jesus Christ with this conviction

  • the new home

    We were made for a better world than the one we live in and the one we have created around us. We long for God to fix what is broken about this world and us. We need to see that finish line to persevere through each day with hope. And here at the end of Revelation in chapters 21 and 22, God shows us the finish line.

  • The Opening of the Books

    No text in the Bible raises the urgency of how we live our lives more than this one. We are all going to stand before the throne and give an account for our lives. Who can possibly stand on that day? And if anyone can, how could that be? 

  • The End of Evil

    God prepares the way for the end of all evil. And we’ll see that you and I – everyone – are going to be a part of that. 

  • The Beast Is Defeated!

    We come to Section Five (19:11-22:7). This last major section culminates in the descent of the city of God, the new Jerusalem, the new creation. It begins with 19:11: “Then I saw heaven standing open.” What did John see when heaven itself was opened? 

  • The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

    The unfolding of a Jewish wedding is one of the most important ways for us to understand our relationship with Jesus.

    So, let’s travel through the parts of a Jewish wedding and see the parallels between it and the relationship Jesus has with his church.

  • Babylon's Fall

    When we read about Babylon in Revelation 17 and 18, we are reading about darkness – about the evil that is in this world; the evil that tempts us away from Christ every day of our lives. How can we persevere in the face of darkness?

  • The Seven Bowls and the End of Wrath

    The apostle Peter said, “The end of all things is near.” That means that believers and unbelievers will be judged by the Lord Jesus. How can we help people prepare?  

  • Defining Traits of the people of the Lamb

    We have learned that we live in a great spiritual battle even though the outcome is certain. At the cross, Jesus Christ already defeated Satan. It’s just that the dragon has yet to concede defeat. His aim is to keep you from worshiping and following Jesus. So, we ask, How can we emerge victorious from this great spiritual battle?

  • the name and number of the beast

    Revelation 13 helps us to see why it’s so hard to be true to Jesus. The dragon and the two beasts absolutely hate Jesus and they do absolutely all they can to keep us from following Jesus! These contenders want to destroy or neutralize your faith. We'll learn how to continue to faithfully follow Jesus.

  • The dragon & the child

    There is a war behind all wars. We see that Jesus has won the decisive victory but there remains a great spiritual battle.

    This section of Revelation describes the Third out of a total of Seven Unveilings of Jesus Christ.


    Before we get to God making all things right and setting up his kingdom, is his judgment. In Revelation we see his judgment intensify as we near the end. We see this intensification take place in a couple of ways as we move into a new cycle of judgments described by John in Revelation 8-11. 

  • Sealed & secured forever

    There are two scenes in Revelation 7 that, taken together, bring us great comfort and strength. Let's take a look.

  • Opening the Seven Seals

    In the First Century, documents had seals on them primarily to show ownership. Only the owner was authorized to open the seals. Because Jesus the Lamb owns the scroll of history, He opens up the seals one at a time and initiates the secret of history, which will provide us with a very different perspective! Let’s begin.

  • reigning with jesus

    Revelation features 7 unveilings of Jesus. The first unveiling found in chapters 1-3 showed how glorious Jesus is and how earnest He is that His followers would not compromise to the world’s ways but would persevere in faith and be victorious over the world. In this message, we come to the second unveiling.

  • How Do We Follow Jesus without Compromise?

    We’ll touch on three letters: Pergamum, Thyatira, and Sardis. In each of these letters, Jesus calls us to live for Him without compromise. The Christians in those churches lived in a world constantly tempting them to compromise their faith in Jesus. It’s true of us, too. We all face temptation to compromise our faith in Jesus - so how do we overcome it?

  • Jesus Our Hope in the Struggle against Evil  

    How do we overcome trials and persecution? From these letters to Smyrna and Philadelphia, we find: Four helps to overcome our afflictions. 

  • Jesus OUr First love and greatest friend

    As a part of His first unveiling of Himself, Jesus sends a message to each of the 7 churches.  Today, we focus on the first and the seventh letters: To the church in Ephesus, the call is to Return to Jesus as your first love.  To the church in Laodicea, the call is to Open the door to your relationship with Jesus.

  • Jesus in the Middle of His Churches    

    In the first chapter we get to see the first apocalypse of Jesus – (the first unveiling of Jesus) where He will pull back the curtain to let us see the most important and unseen reality of our lives. It will change how you cope with what’s happening in the world and in your personal life. 

  • Introducing revelation

    Revelation is a book of visions and symbols that is not easy to understand and apply to our lives. Given all the upheaval in our world and our lives, why take valuable time in the enigmatic book of Revelation?  It will help us to resist the pressure to compromise our faith and to know why what's happening is happening.

  • team up

    The apostle Peter said, “The end of all things is near. Therefore, be alert and of sober mind so that you may pray” (1 Peter 4:7). When we team up, we can help more people prepare to meet Jesus. 

  • Share Jesus

    But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. 

  • the value of human life

    We believe that all human life is sacred and is of inestimable worth in all its dimensions, including pre-born babies, the aged, the physically or mentally challenged, and every other stage or condition from conception through natural death. We are therefore called to defend, protect, and value all human life . 

  • Christ and Sex

    The Bible reveals that sex (sexual intercourse) is a good gift from God. Like other good gifts from God, it has been used for both good and evil throughout human history.

    Sex was God’s design, not only for procreation, but for physical, emotional, and spiritual union between one man and one woman for life. 

  • christ and marriage

    What exactly is marriage? How did God design it and why is it so important? What are four tests for a biblical marriage? 

  • CHrist and gender identity

    The Bible’s answer to gender fluidity is clear. God created us male and female. This design is so deeply imprinted on our humanity that we find it irreversible at a biological level.  

    But those who seek gender fluidity are not unlike the rest of us in that we all long for fulfillment – for belonging, acceptance, purpose, identity, and worth. 


    All of us want our lives to matter, don’t we? We want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. And there is no greater difference maker than Jesus. When we partner with him to make a difference in this world, we’re talking about some big life-changing differences that we can end up making with our lives.

  • SErving the lord

    Here's something that is true about every person and culture in the world. We all struggle with selfishness. It is deep in our humanity. How do we overcome selfishness? 

    Selfishness creates so many problems. We're going to look at how to move beyond selfishness.

  • how we find redemption

    In Ruth 4, Boaz initiates the conversation about redeeming Naomi’s property. The guardian-redeemer says he will but then steps aside. Ruth and Boaz are married and from them comes Obed, the grandfather of King David! Just as Naomi needed redemption, we all need redemption in our time. 

  • How  to make a loyal love marriage

    As we look at Ruth 3, we’re going to find a story of romance and marriage – a marriage that will exemplify loyal love – a marriage that will last. 

  • How God helps us show loyal love

     We saw in Ruth 1 that Naomi lost her husband and two sons. As she returns to Bethlehem she is bitter at God and says that she has come back “empty”. But her daughter-in-law Ruth returns with her and she is going to be used by God in amazing ways to fill Naomi’s life. 

  • How God fills those emptied by life's losses

    Even though the book is called "Ruth", Naomi is a major character in the story.  As we explore Ruth 1, we see that Naomi "went away from Bethlehem full but has returned empty."  She mourned the loss of her entire family-her husband, Elimelech, her sons Mahlon and Killion all died in the land of Moab. How do we overcome loss?

  • Loyal Love Gives Hope in Crisis

    Learn the value of walking alongside one another even in emptiness and despair. See how loyal love is the glue that gives us hope in crisis.

  • do not quench the spirit

    When the Holy Spirit comes, he comes with fire.  Fire represents zeal for God and love for people; This fire in us can burn so brightly that it can transform lives in our communities and touch people around the world. This fire is what we were created for; and this fire spreads through us


    Hidden beneath the surface of every Christian, there is the power of the Holy Spirit. Many Christians don’t realize that they can live a transformed life by the power of the Spirit. The result is that they remain enslaved to their fleshly desires. But God has a much better way for us to live by the fruit of the Holy Spirit! 

  • the gifting of the holy spirit

    The Spirit is working out gifting purposely, diversely, in everyone, for our good. What is the reach of each of our gifts?. How many people are each of us expected to gift?  No one person is called to all the gifts, but each are called to some. The Spirit knows each persons capacity and he gifts all believers so that all the needs in the body are met.  

  • the holy spirit illuminates the word

    Why is it that one person can hear about the cross and be totally transformed while the person sitting in the next seat can think of it as foolishness? Paul speaks of this very thing in 1 Corinthians 2, explaining that the Holy Spirit illuminates God's Word for us.

  • The holy spirit poured out

    Fifty days after Jesus ascended into heaven, on Pentecost, the Father gave the Spirit to the Son as a gift to pour out (Acts 2:33). After Jesus poured out the Holy Spirit, the church was born – 3000 new believers in one day! The coming of the Holy Spirit makes it possible for people everywhere to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to be ready for the day of the Lord’s return.


  • The Gift of the holy spirit

    If you are a believer in Jesus, you have the resource of the Holy Spirit; the responsibility to share the good news; and you will be used by God to reach the lost both near and far.

     Instead of thinking of your inadequacies, honor the powerful breath of life that Jesus breathes into us.The reality of the Holy Spirit within each believer makes reaching the world for Christ possible. 

  • the holy spirit our paraclete

    Jesus teaches that, while the Holy Spirit is invisible to us, we can experience the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He also teaches that the Holy Spirit is the key to having a relationship with God – to experience the fullness of life. In fact, if you have trusted Jesus as your Savior and Lord, it’s because you have been born again – regenerated – by the Holy Spirit.


  • How jesus gives us new life

    For three days 2,000 years ago it looked like the battle of good over evil was lost and our world would be without hope, but then what took place that first Easter brought hope for us all. Celebrate Easter!!

  • how god's kingdom comes today

    Everything Jesus did on Palm Sunday was to demonstrate that he is the Messiah King and that the kingdom of heaven has come near. The more we grow to be like Jesus, the more God's kingdom grows in and through us.

  • five types of followers

    There is a wide spectrum of responses to Jesus – people are in every place on this spectrum. The good news, though, is that you are never stuck in any place on the spectrum – the Lord is willing to grow greater faith in you, even today!

  • build your house on the rock

    What has been your foundation during crisis? If you intentionally have built your house on the Rock of Jesus, then you have a living hope, you can show love even to your enemies. But perhaps you have great fear and anxiety; or, you are in the grips of dark thoughts.  How do you build your life on the solid rock of Jesus?

  • overcoming hypocrisy

    In Matthew 6, Jesus addresses the issue of our hypocrisy.  He addresses it twice before the Lord’s Prayer and once after the Lord’s Prayer. This shows us the importance of learning how to pray like Jesus prayed so that we overcome hypocrisy and have pure motives as we serve the Lord. Pray that the Holy Spirit will transform our motives. 

  • Learning God's will

    Jesus explains what a repentant heart looks like by sharing how to know and do God’s will. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to know and do God’s will. 

  • Blessed to be a blessing

    Were going to briefly look at each Beatitude. Come with your questions; and note which Beatitudes affirm what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life and which Beatitudes challenge you that this is a growth area where you need the Lord's transformational heart work. Are you ready to engage? 

  • from setbacks to setups

    As we live by the Spirit, we should continually set our focus on two actions that turn setbacks into setups for the advance of God's kingdom.

  • led by the spirit

    The Holy Spirit has plans for where he wants to take us and experiences he wants us to have, all so that we know new life in Christ and fulfill what God wants to do in and through our lives for his glory. We'll learn how the Holy Spirit works in us and how best to work with Him.

  • Receive The Holy Spirit

    As we begin this message series, “Inside Connection,” we’re going to explore how the Holy Spirit is an amazing gift that the Lord wants us to receive, and it comes with the fullness of God’s blessings for us. 

  • be still my soul

    We live in a world that teaches us to NOT be still; to worry, to be anxious, to be wound up in our fears, to be depressed. These things happen to us because our souls are not still. But God is teaching us to be still and know that I am God. How can we be still in this chaotic world?

  • the king of my soul

    Do you have any lids preventing you from growing in your relationship with JesusThe choice before us is whether we’re going to comply to the lids being foisted on us or are we going to give it our all in 2022? Which choice will help you to grow in your relationship with Jesus? Would Jesus want us to disrupt apathy; challenge the doom and gloom; and pursue his preferred vision of our future? Jesus wants us to move forward; to grow. 

  • The confidence in my soul

    The tests of life have the potential to make our confidence in God grow or shrink; even to the point of becoming fearless in the storm or shipwrecked by the storm. It all happens in your soul.

  • The Thirst in My soul

    We know God by knowing what’s happening in our souls. God speaks his truth and encouragement into our souls. And those who want to know God are aware of what is happening in their souls – and they share their souls with God.

  • Winning Spiritual battles

    Many believers don’t understand  that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, continues to fight even today. And what’s really surprising is that God’s people are part of the spiritual battle. We are the targets of Satan’s attacks. So, the apostle Paul writes this section to answer this question: How do we win at spiritual battle? 

  • How to Transform Relationships 

    In this section of Ephesians, Paul addresses the relationships of marriage, of family, and of work. In other words, what he has to say in this section will directly apply to most of the hours of your daily experience. And here’s the good news: God’s wisdom is going to empower us to transform our key relationships into healthy and growing relationships. 

  • living a new life in christ

    What sets Christianity apart from all religions is that it doesn't preach morality in your own strength, but it preaches transformation by the Holy Spirit's power.  How can I experience God's transformational power in my new self? 

  • world outreach Sunday-the woman at the well

    In John 4, there is a story with a well that changed an entire cities life.  Jesus teaches that those who come to drink this water at the well will thirst again. But, there is a way to never thirst again.

  • the Powerful Body of christ

    Regular church participation is actually good for us. The local church body of believers is powerful. It has the power to overcome a common and very critical problem in people's lives. In Ephesians 4, Paul teaches the solution to the problem of falling away from faith in Christ.

  • experiencing god's power through prayer

    As a Christian, you are like a glove. Once you come to know Jesus, the Holy Spirit inside you is like the hand inside of a glove– it’s the Holy Spirit that brings power. 

    In this prayer in Ephesians 3, Paul prays for power a lot. But, why do we need God’s power working in our lives?  

  • Revealing the mystery of the gospel

    In the letter to the Ephesians, Paul uses the word 'mystery' 6 times.  The word 'mystery' in the Bible refers to a mystery made known. The mystery that is made known is the the gospel is the way for people to be reconciled.  But, how do we help people discover Christ?

  • Look & Live

    Every aspect of our lives has been impacted by sin. In heaven all will be perfect and made new. But while we're here we have to deal with hard things. And it's how we deal with these circumstances that is important to God.

  • EPHESIANS: healing divisions

    As human beings we have many kinds of differences.  Instead of celebrating differences, we tend to let them divide us.  But God made us to fellowship and to have a sense of belonging in a healthy way that respects others. God brings reconciliation where there are human divides.


    The Bible says that we all sinned; that we turned to our own way – Adam and Eve and every human being has run away from God. That’s called sin. The result of our rebellion is the brokenness in our world. And we don’t like that brokenness so we try to get out of it in a lot destructive ways. 

  • Ephesians: How we pray

    Prayer can be a puzzle.  Sometimes it feels like meaningless obligation.  But when you experience prayer in a relationship with Jesus Christ, it becomes highly valuable. When you piece together the puzzle of prayer, your life finds new life and power. 

  • Ephesians:  Why we praise God

    Why Do We Praise God? It has a lot to do with this idea: We need to gaze at what truly matters and glance at lesser things in this life. But often we do the opposite – and that messes us up. Praising God is a powerful gift that God gives to us.

  • EPhesians: Experiencing the power of jesus

    Jesus promised a new life, an abundant life for his followers. Not only is Jesus our Savior because of his life of complete obedience that led him ultimately to the cross, but Jesus is the supreme example of what is possible for our lives because he was totally dependent on the Spirit of God. When we depend on the Holy Spirit, we experience the power of Jesus in our lives. Exploring Ephesians will help us experience the power of Christ. 


    We all have dreams. Goals. Plans. Things we want to do. Things we want to accomplish. Ways we want our lives to play out. So we go after those dreams, goals, ideas of what we want. There are usually all sorts of obstacles to them. Challenges to overcome. Risks to take. And into these plans and dreams we have for our lives comes Jesus. 

  • How to overcome quarreling

    Wouldn't it be great if you had the superpower to overcome bickering and quarreling? That's what we are looking at from the Book of James this week.

  • Don't React. Respond

    There's not a person alive who hasn't allowed their emotions to affect how they treat others.  Feel great and you treat the people around you great.  Feel angry and you are grumpy, withdrawn or you lash out with words.  So, how do we replace an angry reaction with a loving response?

  • Keeping it fresh

    We live in a culture where words are spilled more freely than ever before.   It’s open season to hunt and kill with our words anyone whom we don't like or agree with.  Within this world of words, we must discern what is the way of Jesus with our speech, learning to use our words in a way that reflects the character and desires of Him. 


    When we face trials, how do we choose joy? How do we become positive parents, when life isn't so positive? How do we remain calm in life's storms?  

  • The Wonderful Purposes of God in and through Us

    When you join God’s purposes, he will fortify you with three inner transformations. God doesn’t only work through you. He works in you – empowering you, fortifying you, enabling you to do what you cannot do by yourself. What happened with Esther can happen with you. 

  • 3 keys to joining god's purpose

    Scripture reveals to us not only that God has purposes for all his creation, but that his purposes are often accomplished through people. God cooperates with people to achieve his purposes. In other words, he invites us into what he is doing. And he gives us the awesome privilege and authority to shape the course of events in this world.

  • 3 Challenges in Joining God’s Purposes

    For those who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, life is an adventure. God has prepared beforehand good works for us to do each day. There is anticipation to join what God is doing. When you join God in his purposes, though, there will be challenges along the way and we must be aware of the three challenges we face to join God’s purposes for our lives. 

  • joining god's purpose by overcoming pride

    God is at work in the lives of people everywhere. The great adventure in life is to join God in his purposes and work. But for many people there is a real barrier to doing that.

  • The Gospel is an adoption Story

    The reality for orphans is that there isn’t much you can do to fix your lack of family. You need someone to step up and choose you. And when it comes to being spiritual orphans, this same complication exists. We can’t fix our spiritual problem.


    The story of Esther is going to help us discover and live out God’s purpose for our lives. Do you know what God’s purpose is for your life? Have you ever committed your life to follow Jesus – to trust him and do what he calls you to do? Have you ever had the adventure of watching God do through you what only God could do? 

  • bringing friends to jesus

    Our best act of friendship is to bring our friends to Jesus. The way that we do that is by bringing the good news.

    This is intimidating to some. We think, “Why would I try to connect my friend with Jesus?” That seems awkward and no one likes to talk about religion.

    So, let’s clarify that to share the good news about Jesus with your friend is not to talk about religion but about a relationship with Jesus. A friendship with Jesus is the best friendship that you can possibly have.

  • Bringing souls to God

    We know from the Bible that people cannot be saved without hearing the good news, the gospel. God’s plan is that we bring the good news and hearing the gospel about Jesus Christ is powerful enough to bring us to trust in Jesus. But how does that work? Am I the one who saves people? If I say just the right words and with the right touch emotions, is that how people get saved? What if my child never accepts Jesus? Have I failed my child? When we bring the good news, what’s our role? What is God’s role?

  • Bringing People to the Good doctor

    We are called to be witnesses and ambassadors of Jesus so that others can have new life in Christ. But, how do we do that? Is there a way to be normal and not scare people off or to unnecessarily offend people?  We can effectively bring the good news.

  • Does God really love me?

    Do you struggle with feeling inferior? Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others; believing that nothing you do is ever good enough. or you experience persistent self-doubt and uncertainty?

    When it comes to questioning our worthiness to be loved, God thinks differently about us than we think about ourselves. 

  • Renewed Out Of Resentment

    We all know that is what happens when you leave a couple of glowing logs together. The power of the fire is not just in the flames. Those coals continue to burn until there is nothing left to consume. Unresolved anger works a lot in the same way in our lives, doesn’t it? What’s the alternative? The good news for those of you battling with resentment, is that Jesus has a way to restore life and joy to you without sacrificing justice. And there is a clear way to step into that freedom.

  • How Do I Win the War against Lust?

    How do I win the war against lust? Some answer, “What war?” Others say, “I’ve stopped fighting.” There are those who are fighting but discouraged. To some, this is on the No Talk List. Others have had some success – but know that they must continue the fight. Whatever your response might be, we need to talk about this.

  • How Do I Overcome Shame?

    When we tap into the Holy Spirit’s renewing power, the result is that our minds are full of life and peace. You can experience a shift in your thoughts. You are not a slave to your circumstances or your emotions.
  • how to get worry out of your head

    Do you struggle with worry, shame, lust, resentment or the feeling of being unloved? We don’t have to stay stuck in negative thought patterns but we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

  • EASTER at crosspoint

    Just as Christ was raised from the dead, we too may life a new life. This means that, when we die, we go to heaven with Jesus because he paid for our sins. And, it means we can have a new life right now. Did you see it? We too may live (present tense -- right now) a new life. But here’s what is true about us. There’s a gap between the life we have, and the life we could have. (The new life in Christ.) And often that gap is in our relationships.

  • The Jesus of Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday is the day that Jesus stepped fully into the hoped for expectations of many that he was the Messiah sent by God to save his people and set up a kingdom that would enable God’s people to prosper under the justice, righteousness, and blessing of God forever. So Palm Sunday is a celebration that God is intervening in this world and personally into one’s life to bring about eternal good.