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  • how to get worry out of your head

    Do you struggle with worry, shame, lust, resentment or the feeling of being unloved? We don’t have to stay stuck in negative thought patterns but we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

  • EASTER at crosspoint

    Just as Christ was raised from the dead, we too may life a new life. This means that, when we die, we go to heaven with Jesus because he paid for our sins. And, it means we can have a new life right now. Did you see it? We too may live (present tense -- right now) a new life. But here’s what is true about us. There’s a gap between the life we have, and the life we could have. (The new life in Christ.) And often that gap is in our relationships.

  • The Jesus of Palm Sunday

    Palm Sunday is the day that Jesus stepped fully into the hoped for expectations of many that he was the Messiah sent by God to save his people and set up a kingdom that would enable God’s people to prosper under the justice, righteousness, and blessing of God forever. So Palm Sunday is a celebration that God is intervening in this world and personally into one’s life to bring about eternal good.

  • Two Keys to Resolute Faith

    There is great gain in Jesus. He is the pearl of great price. Never trade down if you have Jesus! He alone is worth our Resolute Faith -- unyielding, unwavering, persevering faith! Because Jesus is so much better than anyone else, we want to stay resolute in our faith. 

  • How to win against sin

    How does God equip us for the titanic struggle for our souls.  Satan wants your soul. We'll see how focusing on Jesus empowers us to win against sin.

  • How do I live by faith

    Because faith is not easily defined or understood – let alone put into action, the writer of Hebrews tells real-life stories of faith. These stories of faith help us to grasp what faith looks like in our lives. 

  • how can I have stronger faith

    Have you asked, How do I defeat discouragement? How can I grow stronger faith in discouraging times? We do not underestimate the discouragement of the pandemic. But we also do not underestimate time spent with the Lord to encourage our hearts. We'll look at three keys to stronger faith in discouraging times found in Hebrews.

  • How My Conscience Is Cleansed   

    God made us with a conscience. That conscience is like a compass – it tells us which way is due north; what’s right and wrong. It’s the red flag; the check in your spirit. It works when people are watching and when no one sees. And if we go against our conscience, we describe it as a guilty conscience, a dirty conscience. 

  • How Can I Obey God?   

    How do we find a faith so resolute that we love God and obey his commands to love people? How can we resolutely remain committed in our relationship with God and with our loved ones and our church family?


    Only Jesus can save us completely – he is reintroduced to us again as our great high priest again here in Hebrews 7. We'll ask this question: How does Jesus save us completely? 

  • Why Some Are So Secure in Their Faith

    Have you noticed that there are some who remain resolute and secure in their faith? And have you noticed that some fall away from faith in Jesus? They become discouraged. Or, they become doubtful. Or, they engage in the pursuit of another god like gluttony, etc...How is your faith? Do you remain resolutely committed to Christ even in these hard times? Does your faith seem unstable? 

  • Confident to Come before God

    Resolute faith comes through boldly approaching God with our concerns. But many people wonder why God would ever take the time to talk with them. In our text, we see that God gives us two great reasons to approach him in prayer. 

  • God’s Promise Makes Us Intentional in Our Faith

    The letter of Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians going through a hard stretch, too. Some were seriously considering giving up on Jesus. So, the letter was written to help us all have Resolute Faith.

  • Mutual Encouragement

    This winter will have its unique challenges and we will either face it with growing faith or weakening faith in God. The writer of Hebrews challenges us to grow in our faith that Jesus is worth our daily trust – to have resolute, unyielding, unwavering, persevering faith! Join us beginning in January and let’s resolve to have Resolute Faith. 

  • the pursuit in marriage

    Love can compel us to do some pretty crazy things, can’t it? Especially when you’re trying to win the heart of the one you love. The truth is that we pursue hardest what we are yet to possess. When you fall head over heels in love with someone you’ll do things you never imagine doing to be with that person and to show them how amazing you think they are. But what happens, though, years later when you wake up and you don’t feel the love? What happens to a relationship where some time later you realize that you don’t have together what you used to have? The intimacy, the playfulness, the passion for one another isn’t there any more.

  • Jesus the Superior Savior

    The glory of Christmas is on display in the humanity of Jesus. The humanity of Jesus reveals that He is a superior Savior as He takes on three roles for our good: Jesus our pioneer, Jesus our tag team wrestler, and Jesus our fully-invested life coach. 

  • The danger of spiritual drift  

    According to research, in 2000, our attention span was 12 seconds. We now have a shorter attention span than goldfish, who are able to focus on a task or object for 9 seconds.

    Yes, we are distracted and that’s not good. But it’s actually worse than we imagined. We will never grow in our relationship with Jesus if we cannot focus on that relationship.

    The letter of Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians that were struggling with distraction, too. 

  • Renewing Our Worship of Jesus  

    Hebrews 1:4-14 reveals truths about the Lord Jesus that help us trust and worship Him. The text will help us to not drift into spiritual indifference. Just the opposite, it will help us renew our worship of Jesus. 

  • How to Survive a Covid Christmas

    Like the Jewish Christians that faced trials in their day, hard times make it much easier to fall away from our faith in Christ. As the letter to the Hebrews begins, the author launches into the superior glory of Christ. The wonder and worship that existed in the heart of the author of Hebrews is intended to reach our hearts – to ignite wonder and amazement at Jesus. 

  • Limping toward Reconciliation

    Unresolved conflict within families if unaddressed, become very difficult to resolve. Unreconciled siblings, for example, can go on for years without reconciling. Bitterness is such a bondage of Satan that some families never reconcile.

    Last time, though, we saw the key to healing families is to meet and know God. That relationship with God can become the catalyst for reconciliation. And it happens through a wrestling match with God.

  • The Search for True Blessing

    We find God’s healing blessing in our families because God graciously seeks relationship with us. It’s our relationship with God that provides the essential treatments for healing our families. But we can miss out on God’s healing blessing because we trust in ourselves. 


    Learn about the nations who live near us, what is being done to share Jesus with them, and how we can be involved.

  • When things go from bad to worse

    If biblical families in the line of Jesus were that messy, certainly we’re going to see some dark stuff in our own families. But here’s the question:

    How do we find healing when things go from bad to worse? 


    Life can be messy, complicated, and unfair. And it can leave us wondering if our own lives could ever be redeemed. The life of Jacob is an unexpected story of struggle, sin, and God's grace that gives hope for us all.