every story matters to god.

you matter.

Welcome! We're so glad you are here. You may have come here with questions about faith - maybe you received a Bible and scanned the QR code - you may have questions about Jesus, about the Bible, or even about your own purpose in this world.

Our desire is to help you no matter your questions, and for you to know that you matter. 

The questions we are likely to ask about God are endless: “Is God real?” “Is what we know about Him really true?” and “what does He have to do with my life?” just to list a few.

The Bible may not answer every question about God and will often lead us to ask more, but the Bible is quite clear about Jesus? Click the button above to learn more.

God knows you and loves you. He created you for a purpose. That purpose is found in a relationship with Him. 

Click the button above to be taken to a short booklet that will explain more about a relationship with Jesus and the next steps to take to get to know Jesus better. There is also a 31 Daily Bible Reading Plan.

We are here for you. 

Click the button above to get connected with a real person to ask questions about faith, Jesus, the Bible.

Maybe you are here because you scanned the QR Code in your Bible. We would love to hear from you.

Share your story with us or how we can be praying for you.

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