about my.cp

MY.CP, CrossPoint’s online access will allow you to:

1. MANAGE YOUR CP PROFILE View and keep your information updated.

2. PRIVACY SETTINGS Control the information that you want or don’t want to be seen in the directory or by those in your Growth Group (i.e. you can hide your birthdate, phone number, etc.). At the bottom of Privacy Settings is where you opt-in to the directory. You must opt-in to the directory in order to view it.

3. SEE YOUR GROWTH GROUPS See who’s in your Growth Group and any ministries that you volunteer in. You can also instantly email your group or leader with the click of the mouse! *GROWTH GROUPS LEADERS—as a leader you will have the additional features that will assist you in leading your group. *Only CrossPoint church attenders and members that have opted-in to the secure online directory can view the directory.

4. MANAGE YOUR GIVING Access online giving and control how much, when, and how you give. You will also have access to your giving history and your yearly contribution statement.


Q: How secure is this? A: Your privacy and security are our number one concern. That's why we chose the database that we did. It uses several encrypted servers. In fact, they are the same ones that large national banks use to store your banking information.

Q: How do I get to the online directory? A: To see the directory, log in or create an account in MY C.P. From the home page of your account select CHURCH DIRECTORY.

Q: I registered for an account and then my wife went to register, but it told her that her email address was already used. We share an email address, how does she register too? A: Unfortunately the database requires each individual to have a unique log-in. Your email address is what identifies you as a ‘unique person’ - kind of like your social security #. This is the same requirement of financial institutions.

Q: Can I call the office and have you create an account for me? A: Internet Privacy Rules do not allow us to register for you. Your log-in information should be private as it allows you to access your online giving records. If you don’t have access to a computer and need assistance, you can come to the office and one of our admin staff can assist and walk you through it.

Q: I have followed the instructions and I can’t log in, who do I contact? A: Contact us at connect@cphutch.church or call 320.587.2668

Q: Can anyone view my information if I register? A: NO. ONLY information that you share in privacy settings is visible to people connected with CP and have opted-in to the directory.

Q: I created an account but I can’t see my information, Growth Group, or the directory. A: If you register and use a different email address than the one CP has on file, the database will not recognize that it’s you and create a duplicate record. Contact us and we will fix it.