2020 Christmas Offering

We're collecting a special offering to meet the physical and spiritual needs in our communities and abroad.

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local generosity

Benevolence Fund

We desire to have a healthy balance in our benevolence fund to be able to generously meet the needs of both our church family and those in our community when they are going through a season of financial scarcity due to either job loss, health issues, or life transitions. The most common needs we meet are for groceries and energy bills so that families have food on the table and a warm home.


HOMES provides individuals and families in McLeod County temporary emergency shelter so that they have the stability to work with a self-sufficiency case manager from United Community Action Partnership (UCAP) to pursue the building blocks for long-term stability. In 2020 they have seen over 75% of those clients successfully transition into stable housing and establish an income source.

Our goal is to cover the expenses for 6 months for 1 of 3 current apartments that HOMES rents in town.

Converge North Central Camps (i.e. Trout Lake Camp)

CNC camps were led incredibly well during a summer shaped by COVID and enabled the camp to continue to communicate the message of Jesus to many kids and teens. Over the last two years, Trout Lake Camp has seen 747 campers say “YES, I want to follow Jesus,” 1,474 campers recommit their lives to Jesus, and 58 campers say they want to go into full-time ministry when they grow up. Converge’s camps are a strategic partner for us as we invest in making disciples of Jesus.


The Timothy Initiative

More than 3 billion people live in areas with little to no access to the good news of Jesus. The Timothy Initiative has been incredibly effective at partnering with local leaders in these least reached areas of the world to train disciple makers and church planters. Just $300 covers the training materials to disciple and equip a new church planter. Our goal is to fund the planting of 30 new churches for 2021.

World Vision Goats

Goats can change everything for a poor family in Africa. Their milk provides great protein to help children grow. The family can also sell any extra to earn money for medicines and other necessities.