dinner for eight questions answered

Do we need to practice social distancing at the dinner? 

Since these meals are taking place at private residences we are leaving it up to the host of the meal to communicate their expectations for all guests regarding wearing a mask and maintainging social distancing. We are encouraging meals to be eaten outside to reduce concerns about the context for eating together. 

How are the Dinner for 8 groups formed?

A coordinator will take the sign ups and thoughtfully create the dinner groups. A member in each group will then be contacted to see if they would be able to host.

What does the host do?

They host the dinner at their home, of course. They also are responsible for planning the date for the dinner gathering and choosing the main course. From there they will email or call the their dinner group members to communicate when they would like to host the meal and what food cn be brought to complete the meal (i.e. salad, dessert, bread, etc.).

What if I'm not a good cook?

You don't have to be an amazing cook to participate. If you're the host, set up the meal to be grilling. That's as easy one and just about everyone loves food off the grill! 

What do I do with my kids?

The decision to include kids is determined by your host. We will aim to match up those who are interested in including kids together but sometimes we just aren't able to do so. If that situation happens, just talk to your host about your situation. Those hosting are typically very open to being accomodating to your situation (aka you have an infant, etc.)

How long do I have to sign up?

Sign up by Sunday, August 9 so that groups can be formed.