We want to encourage and help you live your mission to share the love of Jesus by serving others. We’ve got a simple plan for that - creating online communities of care in our neighborhoods and communities.

#1. Start your own “CP Community” via Facebook groups to help meet the needs of those in your neighborhood and network of friends. [Scroll down for directions on how to do this] 

The vision for these communities is a place to share and meet practical needs for one another, kind of like a family working together. These groups will also be a great way to encourage others.

#2.  Invite others to join your community.

Ideally, these people would live in your neighborhood or within a reasonable distance of you. Aim to have anywhere between 10-50 people in your community.

The main CrossPoint Church page will be a resource for people in our church and community to find the CP community group closest to them if they would like to attend. We’ll link your group to our page so people can find you.

#3.  Join a created CP Community near you if you don’t create one.

As CP Communities are created, join one near you. You can view the existing CP Communities by going to our Facebook page and viewing the Groups. 


If you have any difficulty creating your community, facebook message CrossPoint for assistance or

email Pastor Matt at matt@cphutch.church.

  • Contact us

    • Email Pastor Matt Troyer your desire to start a CP Community on Facebook (matt@cphutch.church). This will help us organize our efforts across our church family.   
  • Create a facebook group

    • Name it “CP Community – NAME” (Ex: “CP Community – Linden Park Area”)
    • Make it private and visible
    • Add Matt Troyer or Loretta Christensen as an admin so we can link it to the church page so that others can see and join y our group

  • Invite up to 50 people

    • Invite neighbors, co-workers, family, friends at CrossPoint, friends who live reasonably close to you, growth group members, etc.
    • The closer geographically the better

  • Be the community moderator

    • Moderate posts of needs and resources offered
    • Foster interaction (encouragement, prayer, check-ins)
    • Message the church page with unmet needs

copy & paste group description

This CP Community is an online group of neighbors and friends who will care for one another by helping to meet needs and supporting one another.

Examples of needs that could be met by this community:

• Running errands/grocery shopping for those who are elderly or experiencing an illness

• Sharing resources or asking for help

• Childcare