We're one CrossPoint family. Let's stay connected through acts of service, prayer, and through CrossPoint  Communities.

  • have a need

    Don't forget to reach  out to your CrossPoint family in times of need. Fill out this form to let us know how we can help, if it's help running errands, financial assistance, counseling and more. 

  • meet a need

    We know many of you have a lot of great ideas and or resources for caring for one another. Let us know how you would like to take part in meeting the needs of our communities.

  • Need Prayer

    Prayer is the tool that God gives us to cast our cares on Him. Let others pray on your behalf.  Submit your request, and let us know if you would like it shared confidentiality with staff and elders only or with the church-wide prayer team.


    CP Communities are closed facebook groups of neighbors and friends. They are a way for us to care for one another by creating a place to share and meet needs like running errands and sharing resources. 

living hope

weekly challenge

I am sure you've heard many times in the last few weeks this phrase, "we are living in uncertain times". The uncertainty is creating a hunger for hope. A hope that we have in Jesus.

We have the privilege and responsibility as Christ followers to share this hope. So, we challenge you, each week, to take one of three initiatives:

Voices of Hope 

Share a 1-2 video message of how God has given you hope and helped you through a hard time. Upload it here or send it to us on facebook or Instagram.

Prayers for Hope
Pray for your family and neighbors that they will find hope. Do a Prayer Walk through your neighborhood; and, you can ask people how you can pray for them too - ask the person at the drive-up window or at the check-out counter.

Encouragement for Hope
Encourage others around us by sharing God’s love in practical ways: write a card, go get groceries for someone who can’t go to the store, share a loaf of bread, encourage people on social media . . . however the Spirit leads. 

Let’s share the hope we have in Jesus!