September 9, 2023

    “The Lord Jesus is truly working in our church. Let me share what the Lord has been doing in our leadership.

    Last winter, God began to stir in my heart, and he grew in me a conviction that God is leading CrossPoint to a new chapter in its ministry. I prayed and sought wisdom. I talked with Marcy and also with several Converge pastors. Through that process, I came to see, first, that I would not be able much longer to sustain the pace needed for my role as senior pastor. And second, I realized that it would be best for the church to have a younger and capable person in the senior pastor role. I believe that this would allow the church to step into a fresh season of ministry and I believe the best is yet to come.

    At the same time, God put it into the heart of Pastor Matt Troyer that it was time to seek a senior pastor role. In March, Matt shared with me that God had placed a sense of calling on him to be a senior pastor. As we talked and prayed over the next few weeks, we realized that God may very well be moving toward a succession in leadership at CrossPoint. It’s one of those moments in life where you sense God’s guidance in a real way.

    Sixteen years ago, almost to the day, I came to CrossPoint – then, it was called “Shalom” – with a real conviction that God had called me to be the senior pastor. And it’s with the same sense of conviction that I think that God is leading me on. But I also have another important conviction – as do the Elders – that the best process forward is something called “leadership succession”.

    In leadership succession, the new leader phases into the senior pastor role while the outgoing senior pastor helps to create a positive transition. That is also on my heart. As I said, I am seeking what is best for the church.

    I’ll let our Chairman, Brett, explain the process, but, for now, I want you to know that I will be around into February, which is our estimate for the process of leadership succession to be completed. So, I remain the senior pastor. Additionally, I will also keep confidential everything that any of you have shared with me in counseling.

    And, as I phase toward retirement, I plan to move on to another ministry position, as the Lord leads, that will allow me to use my gifts to serve the Lord.

    I love this church family and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead CrossPoint through a healthy leadership succession process - one we can celebrate and pray for together.”

    - Pastor Rick


    Brett Haugen

    “CrossPoint Church has much to be thankful for over the last 16 years. We have had a Senior Pastor with a focused commitment to building up the church. He did this by taking a church that had gone through struggles and helped us to recapture our vision to reach the lost and to make disciples. As a result, CrossPoint has grown its ministries, navigated real challenges, grown numerically, and is a church on mission to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

    In my conversations with Pastor Rick, I know that he cares deeply about this church and each of us who are impacted by its ministries. It is this deep pastoral care that is motivating us to ensure that we all experience a smooth handoff of leadership and to maintain the great momentum with which God has blessed us.

    With a unified sense of God leading us along, the Elders have laid out a plan that accounts for the requirements of our constitution in this succession plan. The constitution requires that our Nominating Committee is to present Senior Pastor Search Team candidates to the membership for a vote. Once approved, if that Search Team affirms Pastor Matt Troyer, the members will vote to affirm or not affirm that recommendation.

    Along with Pastor Rick, we, the Elder Board, believe that this is best for the church; that the best is yet to come. So, we ask for your earnest prayers for God’s guidance; we invite your questions; and we thank you for your continued support and engagement with the vision and ministries of CrossPoint.

    The Elder Board’s desire is to move this process along in a timely and efficient manner and will communicate more details in the coming weeks.”

    - Brett Haugen


Below are the next steps that will be taken in the next few months as we work through the Succession Plan.

The Nominating Committee

The nominating Committee is to present Senior Pastor Search Team candidates to the membership for a vote on Sunday, October 1.

The Search Team Committee

The Senior Pastor Search Team selects a candidate to present to the members for a vote.

Constitutionally required


Church members vote on the candidate presented by the Senior Pastor Search Team.



Petition God. Please pray for God's blessing through this season. Pray for discernment, guidance and clarity as God leads us into a new season of leadership for our church. Pray for the hearts of the decision-makers and congregation so that they might welcome and provide encouragement to our next leader. Finally, pray for Rick and Marcy as they step into a well-earned new phase of life.


1 John 5:14-15 says "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him." God is pleased with us when we seek Him. So, as we pray for Rick, our next leader, and God's plans for the future of CrossPoint Church, watch and listen for how God responds. Then, ask God to show you how He wants you to be a part of that future.

Take Part.

Faith inspires action. As a result of actions taken by faith, over the history of this church body, thousands have come to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. As we move forward, let's seek to likewise act on our faith in God – trusting that He will continue to bring a growing gathering of people hungry for the knowledge of God.