Spring 2022

Growth Groups

The spring group session is shorter so it is perfect for trying out a group for the first time. 

Most are 6 weeks long and wrap up before the end of May.  

Groups with the Study: Sunday Message-Based can find the weekly study guide here, or at the Info Desk.

Childcare is available for Tuesday morning groups for a small fee. Email Pastor Matt to sign up.

For all other growth groups, check with the leader about childcare options. 


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  • Benson Group

    Sundays, 9-10:15 am

    CrossPoint, Rm 105

    Type: In-Person

    Study:  The Truth Project

    Leader: Karl Benson

    Starts: In Progress. Come join us! 

    How does the truth of God's Word meant to shape our understanding of humanity, God, science, history, society, work, purpose, and more?  The highly reviewed Truth Project will help you look at all of life from a biblical perspective. We've covered some of the lessons from this study in the winter session and we invite you to jump right in and join us this spring as we continue to go through this fascinating study. 

  • Starting Point

    Sundays, 9-10:15 am

    CrossPoint, Youth Min Office

    Type: In-Person

    Leaders: Ken & Janet Ballard

    Starts: April

    This group is designed to answer key questions about faith and Jesus through insightful video teaching and honest, open conversations. If you're new to faith in Jesus, coming back after some time away, or simply would like to thoughtfully consider why you follow Jesus, believe the Bible, and live by faith, you will find this group incredibly helpful.

  • Krumrie Group

    Tuesdays, 6:30-8 pm

    Krumrie Home

    Type: WOMEN'S, In-person

    Study: Find Your People by Jeannie Allen

    Leader: Ginny Krumrie

    Starts: April 12

    In a world that's both more connected and more isolating than ever before, we're often tempted to do life alone; but God’s Word and science both confirm that consistent, meaningful connection with others has a powerful impact on our well-being. Together we will learn practical solutions for creating true community, the kind that's crucial to our mental and spiritual health.

  • Stapleton Group

    Mondays, 7-8:30 pm

    Stapleton Home

    Type: In-Person

    Study: Sunday Message-based

    Leader: Rick Stapleton

    Starts: April 11

    We’ll be discussing the passages and themes of the previous Sunday’s message together when we meet. The message series for January and February is “Knowing God," which explores the psalms written by the sons of Korah. They are songs birthed out of a tragic family history and express a zeal to genuinely know God and to trust him even in dark and difficult times. Grow more deeply your relationship with God as you reflect on the words of their Spirit-inspired songs.   

  • Van Oort Group

    Tuesdays, 6-7 am


    Type: MEN'SIn-person

    Study: Exodus


    Starts: ongoing, join any week

    We are a men's group focused on encouraging each other and strengthening our faith through Bible study. We're currently studying Exodus in the Old Testament. New men are always welcome to join us, so if this group works for your schedule, join us!

  • Burma Group

    Tuesdays, 9-11 am

    CrossPoint, Rm 105

    Type: Women's, In-Person

    Study: Elijah by Priscilla Shirer

    Starts: April 5

    Through this study that follows the life of the prophet Elijah learn to trust in the goodness and faithfulness of God, be encouraged to wait on the Lord to accomplish good even through seasons when it feels like no one sees, and better understand the seasons of growth and testing that God uses to mature you. 

  • Lammers "Parents of Young Kids" Group

    Tuesdays, 6:30-8 pm

    CrossPoint, Rm 101

    Type: Parents of Young Kids, In-Person

    Study: Sunday Message-Based

    Starts: April 12

    We're gathering parents of young kids to build friendships and grow in faith together. We do have childcare available. Let us know if you would like to have your child(ren) as part of that childcare. We’ll be discussing the passages and themes of the previous Sunday’s message when we meet. 

  • Troyer Group

    Thursdays, 6:30-8 pm

    CrossPoint, Rm 102

    Type: Men's, in-person

    STudy: The Book of Joshua

    Leader: Matt Troyer

    Starts: April 14

    The book of Joshua follows the life of Joshua from becoming the leader of Israel, through the conquering of the land of Canaan, and up to his death. Through his life and experiences, there is much we can learn about courageous faith and the power of God. Men, join me as we study portions of this book so that we increasingly live out a more courageous faith and deepen our conviction in the wonder and power of God. 

  • College Group

    Saturdays, 6-8 pm

    Krumrie Home

    Type: College-age, in-person

    study: Various

    Adam & Ginny Krumrie

    STARTS: January 15

    We're Adam and Ginny and our desire is to create a place for college students to hang out together, build friendships, and grow in their faith. Our weekly get-together is very casual and includes food, games, great conversations, and faith discussions as we look at a passage in the Bible together.