Each AWANA Clubber has the opportunity to earn awards which are worn on their uniform. Awards represent achievement and spiritual growth in the knowledge of God and His Word. We encourage all children to strive for their highest potential. Each child works at their own pace and will be guided and helped by a caring leader. To complete a handbook in one year, your child should have two to three sections ready to be completed when they arrive each week.


Entrance Booklet Book 1 of their club and uniform

Rank Test (Sparks)        Rank Patch

Sections                            Cubbies: Patches

                                             Sparks: Jewels

                                             T&T: Bones or Emblems

Extra Credit stickers, pins and seals are available for Sparks and T&T – please see your child’s handbook for more details.

Clubbers must pass sections in order. Clubbers must pass an entire section during one session. They may not quote 1 verse, then look at the verse before saying another verse in the same section.

Club Attendance Sparks – attendance jewel / T&T – attendance sticker (Must attend 6 of 7 wks/qrtr) 

Church Attendance Sparks – attendance jewel / T&T – attendance sticker (Must attend church 12 of 14 wks/sem) 

Book Awards Cubbies, Sparks and T&T have their own specific book awards that will be awarded at an awards ceremony in the Spring


September 12 - Apple Night                                         January 2 - No AWANA - Christmas Break                                                                 

September 19 - Colored Leaf Night                         January 9 -  Crazy Sock Night                

September 26 -  Mustache Night                               January 16 - Flashlight Night

                                                                                                January 23 - Crazy Gloves Night

                                                                                                January 30 - Beach Night

October 3 - Scarecrow Night                                       February 6 - Super Bowl Night

October 10 - Food Shelf Item Night                          February 13 - Heart Night

October 17 -  No AWANA - MEA                                           February 20 - Grand Prix Races

October 24 - Pumpkin Night                                       February 27 - Sunglasses Night

October 31 - Costume Night

November 7 - Shoe Box Item Night                          March 6 - Shamrock Night

November 14 - Thank You Note Night                    March 13 - No AWANA - Spring Break

November 21 - No AWANA - Thanksgiving            March 20 - March Madness Night

November 28 - Christmas Ball Night                       March 27 - Crazy Hair Night


December 5 - Candy Cane Night                               April 3 - Wear a Flower Night

December 12 - Cozy Scarf Night                                April 10 - Favorite Verse Night

December 19 -  Christmas Card Night                     April 17 - Baseball Night

December 26 - No AWANA - Christmas                       April 24 - Frog Night


                                                                                                May 1 - Royalty Night

                                                                                                                                      May 8 - Awards Night



CPKIDS AWANA meets Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm. Kids may arrive after 6:15 pm for registration. All AWANA Clubbers must sign in with the secretaries at the registration table on arrival. Parents must come in to church to pick up their children at the end of AWANA by 8:00 pm. T&T and Sparks can be picked up outside the Auditorium and Cubbies can be picked up in their classroom. No child will be permitted to leave the building without a parent/guardian.


AWANA uniform and comfortable shoes

Bible and AWANA Handbook

Nightly Special Item

Do not bring cell phones, electronic games, toys, etc.


A yearly donation of $20 per child, or $50 per family, is requested to cover the costs of uniforms, handbooks and awards. This will be collected after your child finishes the Entrance Booklet. Scholarships are available, please contact an AWANA leader if finances are an issue



The point system

To encourage positive behavior, points are awarded for memorizing sections, participating in games, respectful behavior during Council Time, etc. At the end of each evening there will be a “team winner” for Sparks and T&T.

5 Count

The 5 Count is used for large group times. The leader initiates the 5 Count by holding up a hand and slowly counting to 5. At the count of 5, all clubbers are quiet and paying attention.

3 Count

The 3 Count is for individual behavior. The child is given a “1” for the first time of misbehaving and the behavior is discussed so they understand the inappropriate behavior. If the behavior continues, the child is given a “2” and now sits down with the AWANA Commander to discuss the behavior. If the child continues to misbehave or be disruptive they receive a “3” and the parents will be called to come get their child and they will be removed for the evening.

We realize that there are many family and individual situations that may affect a child’s behavior. Please keep us informed so we can best help your child. We will do our best to accommodate kids with special needs as our staffing allows.


Honor God with your behavior

Keep your hands to your self

Proper speech – speak to others with respect

Respect Leaders and others


We all know illness can spread around with children, affecting other children in your child’s AWANA group, your family and other families as an illness goes “back and forth” between kids and homes. Children SHOULD NOT attend AWANA if they have any of the following symptoms: Fever, Pink Eye , Vomiting and Diarrhea, or Head Lice.


CrossPoint follows the Hutchinson Area School District inclement weather policies. If the Hutchinson School District has canceled school on the day that AWANA meets then we will not have AWANA that evening. You can also check on inclement weather cancellations by checking on CrossPoint’s website or on the facebook page, facebook/